Discover the framework in a few points

What is Undeadcore?

It is above all a framework usable for roleplay, semi-roleplay with an RPG base (levels, xp), developed by a single person to date, the goal of this framework is to obtain impressive performances, created by a developer by trade Shepard#1395 passionate about code, and developer on Tebex for 3 years, the framework uses technologies that are easy to understand for novices, developed in lua, css, js, Bootstrap 5.2, oxymysql and the main natives of RedM, with bonus linking to connect your server to a server to a website in real time!

UndeadCore of zombies ?

This is indeed an add-on available on Tebex, made by us, we are working to integrate this system fully on the framework with a kill counter, and RPG and survival immersion, fully available in roleplay as well as in survivalism, please note that this add-on is in no way necessary for your project, but it will be required to get zombies, the purchase allows to finance this project.

And the performance?

This is the main topic of this framework, the PERFORMANCE, the CPU usage does not exceed the 0.07 msec and +165 FPS in VSync On or +60FPS in VSync Off.
Often the values run at 0.05msec and +130FPS, the fluidity is there, the heart of the framework runs with a single while of 1.5s!

Server side performance: 0.09msec
Client side performance: 0.06msec
Client-side FPS: 80 FPS+ / 165 FPS

How do I get it?

For the moment the framework is in constant development, and several phases of private testing are underway, Stay informed on our discord.